iPhone is watching you!

I don’t have an iPhone. I have the most simplistic Nokia. All it does is make calls and send messages. It doesn’t even have a camera. It has one single game. [I wont call it an app, cos I’m pretty sure that’s a term from before my phone’s time.] It’s called Puzzle and is kind of like Tetris, but easier. I really like my phone. It’s simple and no fuss. I was however considering an iPhone for one reason – Google Maps. I don’t have a Melways street directory in my car and I think Google Maps would make my life so much easier. I have actually made phone calls from my car, to friends who have iPhones, to get directions.

I read this article today, Dear iPhone Users: Your Apps Are Spying on You, which kind of concerns me in terms of how much information Application developers can potentially have access to about iPhone users.

When it became apparent that Palm was receiving the GPS locations of its users, an inquiry began as to how much data is being collected by handset makers and application developers, including applications approved by Apple for the iPhone.

There are a number of applications available now in the iTunes App Store which track your user data, including things like location, your iPhone’s unique ID, the phone’s model, whether it’s “jailbroken,” and possibly even your gender, birth month and year, if the application is Facebook-enabled.

Pinch Media , a mobile analyst company, is having the finger pointed at them for the most intrusive behaviour, as they encourage developers to create codes that track user interactions with these applications. The purpose, they suggest, is not to spy, but more so to improve usability.

All this makes me think twice about getting an iPhone. Even though I’m sure I wouldn’t use many apps, I know I’d use Google Maps and I’m still not quite ready for Big Brother yet.

Although after a bit of scouting around to see who this Big Brother actually is, I found an interview on youtube with one of the top guys from Pinch Media. Have a look.

He looks harmless and I’m not too worried anymore.


2 Responses to “iPhone is watching you!”

  1. Bianca Says:

    Oh dear – this stalking does not sound very nice at all – I am glad I don’t have an iPhone. I actually recently changed my phone. Did a fancy upgrade when all I really need to do is send sms and make calls – but most of us get sucked in. Anyway mine came with this special deal where I got ’24 months of free navigation’ – hooray for that but how do I use it? So after many patient lessons with the bf he finally taught me the basics and now I am a whizz with this gps thing. It is extremely useful, I never have to read a melways again and it tells me where all the speed cameras are – only problem is – the free navigation runs out eventually. This is going to annoy me as I was also considering getting an iPhone (despite my technological inabilities) but am a tad concerned someone in the world will have all my private info. Sure I have a facebook and yes it is filled with private info but only for my friends to see. I’m assuming I am never going to get a friend request on my iphone from some freak who wants my personal details to ensure their system is running awesomely. A mobile is a private device and info on it should not be disclosed to anyone. It is a scary though that something so harmless – such as ” a map” can generate data gathering of people’s personal information. Totally a big brother set up and one I am not ready to enter either so it looks like that when my free navigation runs out it is back to the good old melways for me or whereis.com 🙂

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    […] look like the e-book is already very popular, with such software programs as Stanza on the iPhone [which is still watching you by the way]. In the 12 months from its launch in July 2008, over two million people have downloaded Stanza, […]

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