Hey Picasso, say cheeeese!


It is somewhat a cliché to announce that technology is taking over the world. The fact is that technology already HAS taken over the world, in that it permeates almost every moment from the minute we rise









to the second we hit the pillow

mansleeping in computer













and for some even in our sleep.










Many people and most industries have taken this on and accept our modern world, except perhaps the art world.

In an ArtsHub article,  Tamara Winikoff, Executive Director of NAVA, Australia’s National Association for the Visual Arts, was quite bemused by a visit to the gallery circuit in London with her young adult son, who seemed genuinely engaged with the art, but could not pass a painting without capturing it first on his Blackberry. She wondered whether this was so he could relive the images at a later date, or wanted to share it with his friends on Facebook, or perhaps it is that in today’s world technology is an extension of ourselves, capturing our day to day for no other reason than just because.

The art world can see there is a big change going on, occurring at a very different pace from previous generations. Today art can happen very fast. It can be produced fast. Displayed fast. Enjoyed fast. And even perhaps disposed of fast. The fact that cameras are ever present also burrs the lines of what art even is, especially considering the numerous camera phone photo blogs and artists embracing this technology to produce their art, with some lucky enough to have transcend the digital line and to have exhibited these works in a physical gallery space.

NAVA does recognize this change however, and has adapted its organisation model to utilise online means of communication and display for their artists and art projects.

At NAVA we have been working hard to maintain the currency of our on-line presence. Now with two websites to sustain and an extensive on-line database, we are completely dependant on electronics for the management of our business.

While NAVA still does encourage the ‘real life gallery experience’ for their upcoming exhibition of next generation Australian visual artists, they also post a link to their, dare we say it, Facebook Page, to view the latest pics.


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