McSweeney’s Quarterly on your newspaper, I mean iPhone

McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern is a literary journal published often quarterly, but mostly late. It is known for its unique publication forms, trying never to arrive in the same fashion twice. It began as a journal which published only pieces that were rejected from other mainstream magazines, but then began to create material solely for the purpose of the journal.

McSweeney’s Quarterly is very diverse. From a newspaper edition, as blogged about in the New York Times online,  to an iPhone application.











Forget mX on the train,  McSweeney’s iPhone and iTouch App, ‘Small Chair’ is now available to fill your time. ‘Small Chair’ offers small sections of the full content of the printed quarterly.  It can be downloaded from the App Store like all other apps.

The app costs around $6 and you also get six months of weekly surprises straight to your pocket.

Specially formatted iPhone humor arrives daily from the website, as well as news, updates, and announcements. This feature remains active and free even once the Small Chair subscription expires.

As Nieman Journalism Lab points out, McSweeney’s is tapping into a new idea that other media applications are yet to explore – that of app subscriptions. The reason for many apps not attempting this idea that is that most users don’t resue apps, but purchase new ones. McSweeney’s has circumvented this issue, through an automatic update, which is announced by a custom McSweeney’s chime.

The new App can also be used as a clever marketing tool for McSweeney’s where it is hoped users will find other McSweeney’s products and seek them out.

 It is an interesting culmination of the printed and digital worlds, suggesting they are not so far from each other at all!

For more on this app go to Media Bistro and NY Magazine.

A bit about McSweeney’s publishing, DVDs, website from their visit to Google:


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