Digital vs Drawing

Artinfo annouces that British artist, Alan Kane, has created a new show to air on Channel 4 in the UK. It is a life drawing class broadcast digitally on television.








Life Class: Today’s Nude, features nude models, as well as an art expert offering tips throughout the program. Home viewers are encouraged to sketch and draw at home.








Kane’s impetuous for creating the show was to inspire people to bring art back into their lives and using the television he will reach a large audience base.









Another aim is the fact that drawing has declined worldwide, especially in schools and is

rapidly being replaced by digital and computer-based art

So the irony is – Kane is using digital media to promote drawing.








Life Class is also making use of the best online format for sharing digital images – flickr. Viewers and drop-ins are encouraged to post their sketches on the official Life Class flickr page, as well as tag their work to show which episode it was from.

lifeclss flickr










There is also the option to watch the episodes online, but unfortunately not in my area. Nothing was found on youtube either. Please enjoy this East Sydney Academy of Art youtube clip on the wonders of lifedrawing – created on the iPhone, of course.


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